Relaxation, Discovery and Adventure in One Package

Relax: One of the main advantages of bus excursions in Tenerife is the possibility of completely relaxing during the journey. You don't have to worry about navigation or driving on unfamiliar roads. As the bus travels around the island, you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery from your window. This is especially appreciated after a long day of exploring, when all you want is to enjoy the stress-free return.

Discovery: Bus excursions offer the unique opportunity to discover hidden corners and spectacular views of Tenerife that may be difficult to reach independently. Led by local experts, these tours are designed to show you the best of the island, from its impressive volcanic landscapes to picturesque villages, lush forests and enchanting beaches. The guide shares stories, anecdotes and information that enrich the experience, transforming each excursion into a cultural and educational adventure.

Adventure : Opting for a bus excursion in Tenerife means embracing an adventure without the hassle of planning every detail. These tours are carefully organized to offer a complete experience, combining visits to stunning natural sites, stops for local food and opportunities for extra activities such as trekking or swimming in natural pools. It's the perfect way to experience the island in all its diversity, satisfying both those seeking relaxation and adventurous spirits, all in the comfort and safety of a guided group.

The 3 Best Bus Excursions in Tenerife:

Tenerife offers several bus excursions to explore the island. You can visit the Teide volcano, picturesque villages, beaches and more. Bus tours are comfortable and offer spectacular views, allowing you to see the diversification of the landscape with its 21 different microclimates. We recommend looking for options with local guides to get interesting information during your trip. Furthermore, if you are curious to visit the other islands in a day, we also have excursions for this.

Teide Masca Grand Tour

Thanks to this tour which lasts 9 hours, where departure is possible both from the southern area and from Puerto de la Cruz. We start with a visit to the Teide National Park where you can admire the wonderful landscapes up to the Roque de Garcìa; then we go to Icod de los Vinos where you can admire the Millenial Dragon, the 800 year old tree, and then continue to the port of Garachico, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. From here you can walk and then admire the natural volcanic lava pools; then I would have some free time to enjoy some typical Canarian food or if you prefer you can have lunch independently. Finally we continue to Masca where, following a wonderful road with hairpin bends, you will arrive at the village of Masca.

La Gomera

Thanks to this excursion, which lasts 9 hours, where departure is possible from the port of Los Cristanos or from Puerto del la Cruz. The bus will board the Fred Olsen with you so that once you arrive you will go to the Hermingua Valley. We will continue our journey to Palmita and arrive in Agulo, here you will have time to have lunch in a typical restaurant. Then you will go to Garajonay National Park, a paradise of natural laurel forests. Here you will make a special stop at the Laguna Grande. On the way back you will stop to see the Roque de Agado, a volcanic lava formation. Finally you will go to San Sebastian, where you can see the last historical remains of Christopher Columbus' passage before his departure for the American continent, such as the Torre del Code or La casa de Colòn.

Santa Cruz-La lagoon-Taganana

Tour duration is 9 hours, pick up is possible both from the south area and from Puerto de la Cruz. The first stop will be in Santa Cruz, the capital and the main point of maritime connections in the Canary Islands. Here you can see buildings such as the auditorium or more historic buildings such as the Plaza de España or the Plaza Weyler. To then continue to La Laguna, the first city of Tenerife founded after its conquest. Here you will walk through its picturesque streets overflowing with history and culture. Afterwards you will go to see the Anaga massif, in this natural space you will be able to see the laurel forest. Finally you will go to Taganana, where in a hamlet there will be the possibility of having lunch at a restaurant to taste some typical food, or you can also have lunch independently. Here you will have the chance to admire the wonderful views of the ocean and cliffs. Then we will return to the starting point.

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