Discovering Tenerife does not only mean immersing yourself in its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, but also savoring the richness of its culinary culture. Every excursion on the island becomes an open door towards a unique food and wine adventure, where the flavors tell stories of land, tradition and passion. Imagine walking on the paths that cross the terraced vineyards of Tenerife, as in the excursion, tasting wines produced from native grapes such as Listán Negro and Malvasia, in cellars where the passion for wine is handed down from generation to generation which you can do through the excursion FLAVORS AND WINE.

Or, think about a trek that ends with a cheese tasting on a small farm, where goat cheese is still produced following traditional methods, perhaps aged in fig leaves or smoked with aromatic island herbs.

Tenerife also shines for its high-quality honey, the result of the work of bees that collect nectar from unique flowers. A visit to a beekeeping will reveal the secrets of the different types of honey and their production process. And what about gastronomic excursions to local markets? Walking among the stalls of a market, selecting fresh ingredients that will then be used in a cooking workshop, is a way to learn how to prepare typical Tenerife dishes, thus immersing yourself in the culinary traditions of the island.

An experience that embodies the authenticity of Tenerife is a visit to a “guachinche”, places often located in producers' homes that offer traditional dishes made from local ingredients, accompanied by homemade wine. These simple taverns represent the essence of Tenerife cuisine, where hospitality and sharing are at the center of the culinary experience. You can experience all this by taking bus excursions, such as TEIDE MASCA GRAND TOUR.

Tenerife is a true paradise for lovers of good food, where every excursion offers the opportunity to discover new flavors and ancient recipes. From the fresh marine delights offered by its crystal-clear waters to recipes that have spanned generations, Tenerife's cuisine is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Savoring every bite and every sip as an integral part of the exploration of this enchanting island makes the experience not only an adventure for the eyes and the heart, but also for the palate, offering a complete sensorial journey that tells the story, the culture and the traditions of Tenerife.

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