Explore the World of Banana: A Sensory Adventure in Tenerife

In the south of Tenerife, in the enchanting setting of Finca Las Margaritas, a unique adventure begins: the Banana Experience. This experience is not only a journey through the island's banana production, but also an immersion in the history and culture surrounding this iconic Canarian fruit.

It all began way back in 1977, when Adolfo Guerra and Margarita Hernández, coming from a long family tradition of banana farmers in La Palma, joined forces to create Finca Las Margaritas. Since then, with dedication and entrepreneurship, they have transformed this volcanic territory into a center of excellence for banana production. Today, they export over 26,000 tonnes of bananas every year to the peninsular and European markets.

The visit to Finca Las Margaritas offers a complete experience. Visitors can explore the lands cultivated with the Gran ENANA and GRUESA PALMERA varieties, as well as fruit trees such as papaya, avocado and mango. The tour also includes a visit to the CUARTITO, a multifunctional room that serves as a rest space, laboratory, tasting room, exhibition and shop.

During the self-guided or guided tour, visitors can immerse themselves in the history and culture of bananas in the Canaries. Through interactive exhibitions, the processes of cultivation, production and marketing of bananas are illustrated. The historical links between the banana and the south of Tenerife are also explored.

One of the highlights of the Banana Experience is the TALLER EL GOFIO, the gofio workshop, where visitors can actively participate in the process of roasting and grinding the grain to create this local delicacy. Tasting banana and gofio products is an unforgettable sensory experience.

But the experience is not limited only to Finca Las Margaritas. During the tour, visitors also explore the coast of Las Galletas, a region of outstanding natural beauty and historical significance. Through a series of guided activities, such as interpretive walks and tasting sessions, visitors can fully understand the connection between the land, the culture and the fruit that has shaped the history of this region.

In conclusion, the Banana Experience is much more than just a guided tour: it is a journey that celebrates the history, culture and exceptional agricultural production of the Canary Islands. It is a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with the land and taste the fruits of the labor and passion of local growers.

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