Our exploratory journey on Tenerife begins from its cosmopolitan capital, Santa Cruz, to continue through the historical and colonial legacy of La Laguna, until we immerse ourselves in the uncontaminated nature of the Anaga Rural Park, proudly recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This unique bus tour offers a fascinating overview of the many facets of Tenerife, from modern urban planning to centuries-old traditions, to the extraordinary biodiversity that characterizes the island.

Santa Cruz

We begin our adventure in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the lively heart of the island which serves as the main hub for maritime connections between the Canary Islands. Santa Cruz is a city that amazes with its contemporary skyline, where architectural works such as the Tenerife Auditorium blend with innovative urban spaces such as Plaza de España and Plaza Weyler. This city is a prime example of how modernity and tradition can coexist in harmony, offering visitors a wide range of cultural experiences.

The Lagoon

Continuing our journey, we head towards La Laguna, the first city founded on Tenerife after the Spanish conquest. This enchanting historic center was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, thanks to its remarkable state of conservation and rich cultural heritage. Walking through its streets, you have the impression of taking a step back in time, surrounded by historic buildings, churches and convents that tell the story of the island.

The itinerary then takes us to the green heart of Tenerife, the massif of Anaga, a natural wonder home to some of the oldest and best preserved laurel forests in Europe, dating back to the Tertiary era. The park, which spans mountain ridges and deep valleys, has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, recognizing its exceptional value for biodiversity and conservation. The landscape transforms as we approach the north-eastern coast, where the village of Taganana welcomes us with its extraordinary position between the blue of the sky and the sea and the intense green of the surrounding vegetation.


In Taganana, you will have the opportunity to explore on foot, enjoying the tranquility of the village, its traditional architecture and spectacular views of the cliffs and ocean. It will also be the perfect time to enjoy Canarian cuisine, with our guide suggesting the best local dishes to try, ensuring an authentic culinary experience.

After a day full of discovery and wonder, from the urban vitality of Santa Cruz and the historic elegance of La Laguna, to the majestic natural beauty of Anaga and the serenity of Taganana, our tour will conclude by returning to the starting point. This excursion offers not only a deep understanding of the essence and history of Tenerife but also an immersion in its extraordinary landscape and cultural diversity, making it an unmissable experience for any visitor to the island.

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