The Ragnarok Viking Excursion in Tenerife: A Historic and Exciting Adventure

Immersing yourself in the history and legends of the Vikings as you sail along the spectacular coasts of Tenerife is an experience that only the Ragnarok Viking excursion offers. This unique adventure is much more than just a cruise: it's a blast from the past, a celebration of Viking traditions and a maritime adventure that will remain etched in the memory of everyone who takes part.

A Journey Through Time

The Ragnarok Viking excursion begins as soon as you step onto the ship, an accurate replica of a Viking ship. The staff, dressed in authentic Viking costumes, welcome you on board with a warm welcome in pure Nordic style. The ship is decorated with Viking symbols and shields, creating an atmosphere that seems to transport you back a thousand years, to the times of exploration and epic naval battles.

Experiences on Board

As the ship sails through the blue waters of Tenerife, participants are invited to participate in various activities that reflect the life and culture of the Vikings. These include painting shields, learning to use ancient Viking weapons and participating in traditional rituals. Each activity is designed to be educational and fun, suitable for both adults and children, making this excursion perfect for families.

The Beauty of Tenerife from the Sea

Sailing along the coast, you will have the chance to admire some of the most breathtaking views of Tenerife. The cruise passes famous rock formations, hidden beaches and, if you're lucky, you might even spot dolphins and whales playing in the waves. The guide on board, an expert in both Viking history and marine ecology, enriches the experience with interesting stories and facts about what you are observing.

Gastronomy and Entertainment

A highlight of the excursion is undoubtedly the Viking feast on board. The meals, inspired by ancient Nordic cuisine, are prepared using ingredients that the Vikings would have found during their explorations. This is not just a lunch, but a real gastronomic ritual that celebrates ancient culinary traditions. As you eat, you will be entertained by music and Viking tales, completing the cultural immersion.


The Ragnarok Viking excursion in Tenerife offers an irresistible combination of adventure, history, culture and natural beauty. It is ideal for those looking for an experience different from the usual beach holidays, an opportunity to learn, explore and have fun in a context rich in history. It's not just a journey along the coasts of Tenerife, but a journey through time that promises to be the highlight of your holidays on the island.

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