The Freebird Catamaran excursion is an unforgettable experience that offers visitors to Tenerife the unique opportunity to discover the breathtaking beauty of the island from the sea. Depending on personal preferences, guests can choose between two duration options: a 3-hour and a 4-hour tour, each designed to maximize the maritime experience and provide a different perspective on the natural wonders of Tenerife.

The 3 Hour Tour

The 3-hour tour focuses mainly on cetacean spotting in the waters near the south coast of Tenerife. Departing from the port, the Freebird Catamaran sails to areas where pilot whales and dolphins are commonly sighted. These fascinating creatures live here all year round, making each excursion an opportunity for close encounters with marine wildlife in a respectful and sustainable environment.

During the journey, guests can relax on the catamaran's spacious nets, enjoying the sun and sea breeze, or they can choose to observe the landscape from the shade and comfort offered by the internal seating area. A team of experts provides detailed explanations on the life of cetaceans, enriching the experience with valuable educational information.

After the sighting, the tour continues along the coast, offering spectacular views of the cliffs and hidden coves, before making a stop in a quiet cove. Here, guests have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, exploring the vibrant underwater world.

The 4.5 Hour Tour

The 4.5-hour tour extends the experience by offering more time to enjoy the natural beauty of Tenerife and including a visit to the spectacular Los Gigantes cliff, one of the most emblematic attractions on the island. These towering rock formations, rising majestically from the ocean, provide an impressive backdrop for unforgettable photos.

After spotting cetaceans and sailing along the coast, the catamaran heads towards Los Gigantes, allowing guests to admire the grandeur of these cliffs up close. Next, the tour heads to Masca Bay, another hidden gem of Tenerife, where the waters are particularly inviting for swimming and snorkeling.

During both tours, passengers are pampered with onboard amenities that include snacks and drinks, ensuring that comfort and well-being always come first. The crew, always available and friendly, is ready to assist guests with any need, making every moment of the journey pleasant and relaxing.


Whether it's the 3-hour tour focused on cetacean spotting and relaxing in enchanting bays, or the 4-hour tour that adds exploration of Los Gigantes and Masca Bay, the Freebird Catamaran excursion is a must for anyone visiting Tenerife. Every trip is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magnificence of the sea, discover the rich marine biodiversity of the island, and experience moments of pure joy and connection with nature. With the Freebird Catamaran, the maritime adventure in Tenerife becomes an experience that enriches, educates and leaves unforgettable memories.

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