Sailing in the Waters of Tenerife: The Unique Experience of the Shogun Excursion

For lovers of the sea and adventure, the Shogun excursion in Tenerife offers a unique opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the island in a completely different way. On board the Shogun, a faithful reproduction of a Chinese junk, visitors can enjoy an authentic and fascinating sailing experience, immersing themselves in history and nature in a single memorable journey.
The Shogun is not a simple boat; It is a detailed replica of a junk, a type of traditional Chinese sailing vessel that was mainly used for maritime trade and battles. Upon boarding, passengers are immediately transported back in time. The vessel is equipped with three masts and large sails, which contribute to creating a historic and adventurous atmosphere. Every detail, from the wooden structure to the decorations, is designed to offer the most authentic experience possible.

A journey through nature

The Shogun excursion departs from the south of Tenerife and offers its guests the chance to admire the rocky coast and breathtaking panorama of the island from a privileged perspective. The tour often includes sailing near Los Gigantes, famous for its towering cliffs that rise directly from the water, creating a natural spectacle of rare beauty.

Sighting of marine fauna

One of the highlights of the Shogun excursion is undoubtedly the opportunity to spot Tenerife's rich marine fauna. The waters surrounding the island are inhabited by multiple species of cetaceans, including dolphins and whales. Thanks to the privileged position aboard the Shogun, passengers can hope to see these magnificent animals in their natural environment, an experience that alone is worth the trip.

Relaxation and comfort

Despite the trip's adventurous premise, the Shogun excursion does not neglect the comfort of its guests. The boat is equipped with ample space to sit and enjoy the journey, both in the sun and in the shade. There is also a bar on board, where passengers can purchase snacks and drinks, making sailing pleasant and relaxing.

Why choose the Shogun excursion

Choosing to participate in the Shogun excursion means not only enjoying comfortable and visually impressive sailing, but also connecting with the history and nature of Tenerife in a deeply original way. It is ideal for families, groups of friends or couples looking for a unique adventure during their visit to Tenerife.


The Shogun excursion is an excellent and different way to explore Tenerife, combining history, adventure and the chance to see marine wildlife up close. It is an experience that enriches every trip with unforgettable memories, combining the pleasure of discovery with the charm of the ancient. Setting sail aboard the Shogun is much more than a simple tour: it is a journey that touches the soul, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts of those who experience it.

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