The quad excursion in the Teide Crown Forest offers an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Tenerife, combining adrenaline, nature and spectacular views. This unique experience allows you to explore the Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from a completely new and adventurous perspective.

The journey begins as soon as you board the quads, robust and all-terrain vehicles that promise an exciting experience through the park's volcanic trails and dirt roads. The excursion takes place under the expert guidance of professional instructors, who lead participants through breathtaking landscapes, ensuring safety and fun.

As the quads meander along the route, participants are enveloped by a lunar landscape of incomparable beauty. The Teide volcano, with its 3,718 metres, rises majestically, dominating the horizon and offering an unparalleled natural setting. The lava flows, craters and rock formations that characterize the area tell the thousand-year-old geological history of the island, forming the backdrop to this exciting adventure.

The excursion includes several panoramic stops, where participants can get off the quads to admire the wonders of the park up close. These moments offer the opportunity to take unforgettable photographs and absorb the majesty of the surrounding landscape. The guide provides explanations on the endemic flora and fauna of the park, on the volcanic phenomena and on the history of Teide, enriching the experience with interesting cultural and naturalistic insights.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the quad excursion in the Crown of Teide Forest is the opportunity to experience the island from a different perspective. Far from the crowds and immersed in the wilderness, participants can feel the thrill of exploration and the freedom to venture into otherwise inaccessible places. Whether it's crossing ancient lava flows or climbing slopes from which to enjoy panoramic views of the entire Canarian archipelago, every moment of the excursion is full of emotions and discoveries.

The quad excursion on Teide is not just a high-adrenaline adventure; it is also a way to connect with nature and appreciate the unique beauty of Tenerife. Environmental awareness and respect for the park's delicate ecosystem are at the heart of this experience, which invites you to celebrate and protect the island's natural heritage.


The duration of the excursion is 3 hours, the route includes 15 minutes of dirt road in the Corona Forestal del Teide forest (UNESCO protected area). For this reason we use suppliers who have permission to carry out this excursion. Once the excursion is over, pizza and beer are included in the package. There is NO possibility of doing this route on the weekend.


Excursion duration 4 hours, includes Tapas and drinks upon return. Where you will do 70km with 35km inside the Crown of Teide forest.

In conclusion, the Teide quad excursion represents an unmissable experience for those visiting Tenerife, offering a perfect mix of adventure, natural beauty and cultural enrichment. It is a unique opportunity to get closer to the majesty of the Teide volcano, exploring its spectacular landscapes in a dynamic and engaging way. For lovers of nature, adventure and strong emotions, this excursion promises memories that will last a lifetime.

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