Our exclusive itinerary begins from the vibrant port of Puerto de los Cristianos, located on the sunny coast of Tenerife. From here, we will board a comfortable ferry bound for San Sebastián de La Gomera, the beating heart and capital of this enchanting island. The ferry trip offers not only a pleasant crossing but also the opportunity to admire the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic and the breathtaking panorama that frames these magical islands.

The Hermingua Valley

As soon as we disembark in San Sebastián de La Gomera, we will board a specially equipped bus to begin our exploration. The first destination that welcomes us is the Hermigua Valley, a place of incomparable natural beauty, where the lush greenery of the cultivated terraces blends with the sparkling waters of its stream, creating an idyllic setting.

Continuing our journey through breathtaking landscapes, we will reach La Palmita, a village immersed in serenity, and then reach Agulo. This village, known as the "balcony of La Gomera" for its spectacular views, offers the unique opportunity to have lunch in a typical restaurant on the island. During lunch, if lucky, we will witness a demonstration of the "silbo gomero", the ancient whistled language unique in the world, an intangible heritage of humanity.

Garajonay National Park

Continuing our route, we will enter the green heart of the island, the Garajonay National Park. This nature sanctuary, shrouded in mystical laurel forests, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds biodiversity and landscapes that seem to belong to another world. Our visit includes a stop at the Laguna Grande, a place shrouded in legends and stories of ancient witch meetings, where the energy and tranquility of the park are manifested in all their power.

The return journey to San Sebastián will give us one of the most impressive natural spectacles on the island: the Roque de Agando. This rock formation, the result of ancient volcanic eruptions, stands majestically in the landscape, a symbol of the strength and majesty of La Gomera's nature.

We will conclude our tour in San Sebastián, where we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in history with a visit to the last historical remains linked to Christopher Columbus before his epic journey to the New World. The Torre del Conde and La Casa de Colón are silent witnesses of this important page of history, offering us a unique glimpse into the island's past.

This tour is not simply a journey through the wonders of La Gomera, but an immersive experience that intertwines nature, culture and history, offering participants an indelible memory of the island. From departing from Tenerife to discovering enchanting places rich in history, every moment is designed to enrich the heart and mind, making this itinerary a must for every adventurer eager to explore the true essence of the Canary Islands.

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