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Sail in Elegance: Boat Excursions in Tenerife

Let yourself be lulled by the gentle waves of the Atlantic and live a unique experience with our fascinating boat excursions in Tenerife. With the sea breeze in your hair and breathtaking views all around, every moment becomes a memory to cherish.

Scenic and Relaxing Cruises: Embark on elegant boats and yachts, ready to take you along the spectacular coasts of Tenerife. Admire majestic cliffs, hidden coves and golden sandy beaches as you enjoy a relaxing and scenic cruise.

Marine-Naturalistic Adventures: Discover Tenerife's rich marine biodiversity with our spotting excursions. Playful dolphins, majestic whales and curious turtles could be your traveling companions on this unforgettable adventure.

Snorkeling and Underwater Exploration: Take a break to dive into the crystal clear waters and discover the magical underwater world of Tenerife. With our provided snorkeling gear, you will have the opportunity to swim alongside colorful fish and admire marine life.

Postcard sunsets and romantic dinners: Some excursions offer the magic of sunsets over the ocean. Enjoy a romantic dinner on board while the sun paints the sky with warm and enveloping shades, creating a unique atmosphere.

Expert Crew and Personalized Service: With an experienced crew attentive to every detail, your boating experience will be not only exciting but also safe and comfortable. We are here to ensure that every moment is perfect.

Book Your Maritime Adventure in Tenerife!: Prepare your holiday with a touch of elegance and adventure. Book your boat excursion now and get ready to sail towards the infinite blue of Tenerife.

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It may seem strange to you but it might be safer to book excursions online rather than buying them from a point of sale on the beach that you don't know if tomorrow it will still be there where you found it! There have already been unpleasant adventures of tourists who found themselves with fake reservation tickets. Here excursions are guaranteed at 100%!

Here your data is safe at 100%. We do not store any payment data for your card or your bank. When you pay, you will be directed to your bank without having to register anywhere. This way we guarantee you the safest way to pay online!

We only keep your contact details, to be sure that you always have the necessary assistance during your holidays! Your name, number and email also serve to confirm the booking to the supplier and to you with all the details!

In each excursion detail sheet, information for the cancellation policy is contained. Always read carefully what an excursion includes or does not include and when you can cancel it without losing anything. If you change your mind or if you can no longer come, we understand you and if the excursion allows it, we will return the 100% to you!

We are here for you 365 days a year! During all the days of your holiday, you can write to us at the number below to receive support for bookings or to report any inconvenience or problem! We will be here for you!