Explore Tenerife's Past: A Journey Between History and Mysteries

Discovering Tenerife doesn't just mean enjoying its splendid beaches and breathtaking landscapes, but also immersing yourself in the rich history and fascinating legends that characterize this island. Our “Historical Tour” package offers a unique experience to explore the historical sites of Tenerife, from ancient castles to the mysterious pyramids of Güímar.

Castles and Fortresses of Tenerife

Visit to San Miguel Castle, an impressive fortification that dates back to the 16th century. Here, visitors can appreciate the military architecture of the era and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The guide's narration enriches the experience, bringing to life the stories of battles and conquests that have marked the history of the island. Furthermore, a media show takes place inside with dinner included, to purchase the ticket for this experience click this link, Medieval castle.

Continuing towards the north of the island, you can visit the Castle of San Felipe in Puerto de la Cruz. This small but fascinating castle was used as a defense point against pirates and enemy raids. Today, it is a cultural center that hosts art exhibitions and cultural events, offering visitors a perfect combination of history and contemporary culture.

The Pyramids of Güímar

This complex of stepped pyramid structures has sparked interest and debate among historians and archaeologists for years. The pyramids, discovered in the 1990s, have been the subject of studies that have proposed several theories about their origin, some of which suggest links to the prehistoric agricultural practices of the indigenous Guanches, while others hypothesize connections with ancient transatlantic civilizations.
The Güímar Ethnographic Park, where the pyramids are located, offers not only the chance to explore these enigmatic structures, but also to learn more about stars and astronomy thanks to the planetarium within the park. The place is an enchanting combination of nature, history and science, which makes the visit as educational as it is fascinating. If you are curious to visit this place, book through this link:

Exploration of Historic Caves

The historic caves of Tenerife, used by the ancient Guanches as homes, warehouses or places of worship. Visiting these caves is an almost mystical experience, offering a rare and intimate glimpse into the daily and spiritual practices of the island's early populations.

An Unmissable Experience

This tour package is not only a journey through the historical places of Tenerife, but is also an immersion in the stories that have shaped the island. Each site visited offers a unique perspective on Tenerife's complex history, making this tour an unmissable experience for anyone interested in discovering the lesser-known and deeply fascinating side of this Canary Island.
Book your place on this journey back in time and be amazed by the living history of Tenerife.

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