Towering over the island of Tenerife, Mount Teide stands as a beacon for explorers and nature lovers. At 3,718 metres, this volcanic peak not only holds the record for the highest peak in Spain but also dominates one of the most extraordinary landscapes in the Canary Islands. The excursion to Teide is not just a walk along the lava paths, but a journey through a UNESCO heritage site that enchants with its barren beauty and its breathtaking views.

Exploring Teide: Between Paths and Breathtaking Views

The Teide National Park offers itineraries for all tastes. For fans of trekking, the route from Montaña Blanca to the Altavista refuge represents a challenge rewarded by the enchanting sunrise seen from the summit. Those looking for a less tiring experience can opt for the Teide cable car, which offers spectacular views with less physical effort. Remember, accessing the summit requires a special permit, so plan ahead.

For those who want to explore Teide without walking, the “Teide excursion by bus” offers a comfortable alternative to admire the wonders of the park. This option allows you to discover the majesty of the volcano and its unique rock formations with expert guides who tell the history and secrets of this magical place.

More Adventures Ahead

Tenerife Teide National Park. The "Masca Grand Tour” combines a visit to the picturesque village of Masca with a boat excursion along the Los Gigantes cliffs, offering a perspective of the whole island, also including a visit to Mount Teide.

For adrenaline lovers, excursions in buggy and in Quad they're a fun change of pace. Although mentioned briefly, these tours offer a unique experience through Tenerife's varied landscapes, from rocky coasts to forest paths and of course Teide is also included.

Preparing for the Adventure

Regardless of the excursion you choose, adequate preparation is essential. Layered clothing, hiking shoes, sun protection and water are essential to enjoy the experience safely. And don't forget your camera to capture the unforgettable views that await you.


The Teide excursion is an unmissable experience for anyone visiting Tenerife, an adventure that combines nature, history and breathtaking views. The volcano, with its different exploration options, offers everyone the chance to get closer to the secrets of this natural wonder. Whether you choose to conquer the summit on foot, take the bus or embark on other adventures on the island, Tenerife awaits you with its endless possibilities of discovery.

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