The “Peter Pan” excursion in Tenerife is a fantastic marine adventure that unfolds through two different itineraries, each with its uniqueness and charm: one lasting 2 hours and the other 3 hours. Both experiences promise travelers an unforgettable journey along the breathtaking coasts of Tenerife, aboard a schooner that seems straight out of the pages of an adventure novel.

The 2 hour tour

The 2-hour version of the Peter Pan excursion is perfect for those who want to savor the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the magnificence of Tenerife's coastline without committing to the whole day. This shorter but intensely rewarding adventure begins with departure from the port, heading towards the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. Guests have the opportunity to admire the sun-kissed coastal panorama and get up close to local marine wildlife, including playful dolphins that often come close to the schooner, providing a natural spectacle of pure joy and wonder.

During the 2-hour excursion, passengers can relax on deck, letting themselves be lulled by the movement of the waves and the soothing sound of the water, as the schooner sails gracefully. The onboard guide shares interesting anecdotes and information about Tenerife's maritime history, enriching the experience with cultural and naturalistic context. This trip offers a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, ideal for families, couples or groups of friends looking for an authentic yet concise marine experience.

The 3 Hour Tour

The 3-hour excursion, on the other hand, allows travelers to immerse themselves even deeper into the wonders of Tenerife. In addition to the sights already mentioned in the 2-hour tour, this longer option includes a stop in one of the island's enchanting bays, where passengers can swim in the turquoise waters or go snorkeling. This beach break is a perfect opportunity to explore Tenerife's rich underwater biodiversity, encountering colorful fish and perhaps even some shyer marine life. Peter Pan has 2 bathrooms, an open bar, a large central table and a room for about fifteen people, where if you choose the 3-hour excursion you will have lunch and drinks included.

A highlight of the 3-hour excursion is the chance to get up close to the impressive Los Gigantes cliffs, which rise like natural monuments from the water. These majestic rock formations offer breathtaking scenery and represent one of the most coveted photographic moments of the trip. As the schooner approaches these cliffs, the immensity and beauty of the surrounding nature manifests itself in all its splendor, leaving the passengers in total admiration.

Regardless of the duration chosen, the “Peter Pan” excursion in Tenerife is a guarantee of unforgettable moments. Passengers not only enjoy an exceptional sailing experience but also connect with nature in a meaningful way, taking home memories that will last a lifetime. The main difference between the two options lies in the depth of exploration and the opportunity to interact with the marine environment, thus offering travelers the freedom to choose the adventure that best suits their desires and the time available.

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