Submarine Safari

The Submarine Safari in Tenerife offers an extraordinary experience that allows you to explore the mysterious underwater world of the Atlantic in a unique and immersive way. This underwater adventure takes place aboard a real submarine, which takes participants up to 30 meters deep, offering spectacular views of the marine life and ocean floor surrounding the island.

The magic begins as soon as you step onto the dock at Amarilla Marina (San Miguel de Abona), where the vibrant yellow submarine awaits to take adventurers of all ages on an unforgettable journey. After a short safety briefing from the expert crew, passengers board and take their seats next to the portholes, through which they can watch the underwater world come to life. As the submarine submerges, sunlight filters through the water, illuminating the dance of colorful fish, coral formations and perhaps even hidden shipwrecks.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Submarine Safari is the opportunity to see the diversity of Tenerife's marine life up close. Colorful schools of tropical fish, curious moray eels and majestic stingrays are just some of the creatures that can appear before the amazed eyes of passengers. Every dive is a unique experience, as the sea always hides new secrets ready to be discovered.

The interior of the submarine is designed for comfort and safety. The seats are arranged circularly around the portholes to offer everyone an unparalleled view. Furthermore, the external lighting system of the submarine allows to improve the visibility of the seabed, even in the darkest areas. During the excursion, a guide provides detailed commentary in several languages, enriching the experience with interesting information on the underwater flora and fauna, as well as the geological features of the seabed.

The Submarine Safari is not only an adventure but also an educational opportunity, which raises participants' awareness of the importance of marine conservation. Seeing the beauty and fragility of the underwater ecosystem up close can increase environmental awareness and interest in ocean protection.

The duration of the excursion, approximately one hour, is perfect for enjoying an underwater adventure without taking up the entire day. This makes the Submarine Safari suitable for families with children, couples looking for a romantic experience or nature enthusiasts eager to explore the underwater world.

In conclusion, the Submarine Safari in Tenerife is not simply an excursion; it is a gateway to an otherwise invisible world, an experience that leaves participants with a sense of wonder and respect for the majestic beauty of the oceans. Returning to the surface, you bring with you a vivid memory of an adventure that combines exploration, education and conservation into a single, unforgettable experience.

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