Explore Puerto de la Cruz: A Relaxing Day by the Sea and Beyond

Are you ready for an adventure in the charming city of Puerto de la Cruz? Starting from the convenience of southern Tenerife, travel to the picturesque coastal town of the Orotava Valley in the north of the island. With our free tour, you will have the opportunity to explore this idyllic destination at your leisure, enjoying a day of pure relaxation and discovery.

Puerto de la Cruz embodies the true spirit of Tenerife, maintaining its seaside atmosphere intact despite its tourist popularity. Upon arrival, you will immediately be captured by the vibrant atmosphere that permeates its cobbled streets. Take a stroll through the lively Plaza del Charco or along the Muelle Viejo, admiring the colorful architecture and breathtaking sea views.

One of the distinctive characteristics of Puerto de la Cruz is its mild climate which persists all year round. This natural blessing has made the city an oasis for travelers seeking relief from the European winter cold. Follow in the footsteps of the naturalists who explored the region over the past centuries and immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of this charming seaside town.

During your free day, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the gems of Puerto de la Cruz. Take a stroll through the lush Botanical Garden, where you can admire a variety of exotic plants from around the world. Then head to the magnificent Lago Martiánez natural pool complex, designed by architect César Manrique, and treat yourself to a refreshing dip.

To end your day in style, head towards the coast of San Telmo and be enchanted by the spectacle of the waves crashing on the cliffs. You will find the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure during this excursion to Puerto de la Cruz, a destination that will leave you enchanted with its beauty and timeless charm.

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