Tenerife, the largest island of the Canary archipelago, is a true paradise for trekking enthusiasts. With its variety of landscapes, from rugged volcanic beauty to lush forests, it offers trekking routes for all experience levels. Among these, three itineraries stand out for their uniqueness and the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes they cross: the Path of the Senses, Benijo – El Draguillo – Roque Bermejo and the Roque de Taborno.

1. Path of the Senses

Located in the heart of the Anaga Rural Park, the Path of the Senses is a truly multi-sensory experience. This route, accessible to all, was designed to stimulate the five senses, thanks to the richness of the local flora and fauna. Along the way, visitors can touch the bark of ancestral trees, listen to the sound of leaves moving in the wind, admire breathtaking landscapes, taste the fresh, fragrant air and even pick wild fruits. It is a perfect excursion for families, which also offers information panels and rest areas to fully appreciate the surrounding nature.

2. Benijo – El Draguillo – Roque Bermejo

For lovers of adventure and coastal landscapes, the trek from Benijo to Roque Bermejo, passing through El Draguillo, is an unmissable experience. This trail winds along the north-eastern coast of Tenerife, offering spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the rock formations that characterize this part of the island. The route, of medium difficulty, allows you to explore isolated beaches, breathtaking cliffs and small fishing villages, ending in the beautiful bay of Roque Bermejo. It is an excursion that offers strong emotions and unforgettable views.

3. Roque de Taborno

The Roque de Taborno, often described as the “Matterhorn of Tenerife”, is an impressive rock formation located in the Anaga Rural Park. The trek to the top of Roque offers one of the most rewarding walking experiences on the island. Although it requires good physical condition due to its steepness, once at the top, walkers are rewarded with 360-degree views of the island, ranging from the deep blue of the ocean to the immense Teide caldera. It is a journey that challenges and satisfies, leaving participants with a sense of achievement and wonder.

Preparing for the Adventure

Before embarking on these treks, it is essential to prepare adequately. Make sure you wear sturdy hiking shoes, bring plenty of water, energy snacks and sun protection. It is always advisable to check the weather conditions and start hiking early in the morning to avoid the heat of the afternoon.


Tenerife is not just beaches and sun; it is also an island of incredible trekking adventures just waiting to be explored. The Path of the Senses, the route from Benijo to Roque Bermejo and the trek to Roque de Taborno offer different but equally memorable experiences, making Tenerife a dream destination for hikers from all over the world. Get ready to put on your boots and immerse yourself in the spectacular nature of Tenerife.

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