This light park will take you to see spectacular light installations.

The “Light Show” exhibition is the beating heart of the park, presenting a vast variety of light sculptures that include a majestic 40-meter dragon, gardens inhabited by pandas and flamingos, a forest populated by deer and a fascinating underwater world. Each luminous object is made with over 5 km of silk and millions of light bulbs, telling ancient and modern stories through their shapes and colors.

The combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies creates an astonishing spectacle that will enchant both young people and adults. Each light sculpture has a special meaning and seems to tell a unique story, transporting visitors to an enchanted world full of magic and wonder.

One of the highlights of the park is the Great World of Chinese Lanterns, where each lantern leads to signs sent by the Universe according to Chinese philosophy and faith. Here, visitors will be enveloped in a fairytale atmosphere as magical creatures come to life and scenes of unparalleled beauty unfold before their eyes.

The Light Park Tenerife is not only a visual attraction, but also offers an interactive experience for the whole family. Children and adults can have fun in the bright playground, exploring the installations and admiring the spectacle of lights and colors that surrounds it.

To complete the experience, inside the park you will find a restaurant offering a delicious selection of food and drinks, perfect for an evening with family or friends. You can enjoy local and international specialties while completely immersing yourself in the magical atmosphere of Light Park Tenerife.

In conclusion, a visit to Light Park Tenerife is an unforgettable experience that will take you into a world of bright and enchanting wonders. With its spectacular installations, Chinese legends and fairytale atmosphere, this park is a must for anyone visiting the island of Tenerife.

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