Music Hall Tavern: An Evening of Laughter and Fun in Tenerife

If you are looking for a different evening than usual in Tenerife, you can't miss the show at the Music Hall Tavern (MHT). This one-of-a-kind cabaret transforms the island's nights into an explosion of colours, music and above all lots of humour. Known for its top-notch drag queen entertainment, the Music Hall Tavern has won the hearts of locals and tourists alike for its ability to combine dinner, entertainment and audience interaction into an unforgettable experience.
Originally founded in the Canary Islands over twenty years ago, Music Hall Tavern began as a small local show that quickly developed into one of the archipelago's most popular evening attractions. Today, MHT performs in Tenerife with a company of artists who bring a variety of exuberant and memorable characters to the stage, each with their own unique and irreverent style.

A Culminating Experience

Your evening at MHT begins with a warm welcome followed by a three-course dinner, where you can enjoy carefully prepared local and international dishes. As you delight in your meal, the atmosphere warms up and the stage lights up, announcing the start of the show that will keep you glued to your seat the entire time.

A show without borders

The true heart of the Music Hall Tavern is the drag show, a performance that mixes traditional cabaret with modern touches of comedy, singing and dancing. The performers, with their lavish costumes and flawless makeup, play from international celebrities to completely original characters, offering a variety of numbers that range from the funny to the touching. The performances are enriched by brilliant comedic storytelling that engages the audience in jokes and wordplay, making every evening at the MHT unique.

Interaction and Involvement

One of the most appreciated aspects of the Music Hall Tavern is the interaction with the audience. Artists don't just perform on stage; they often descend between the tables, engaging guests in ever new and hilarious ways. Whether you're part of a special celebration or simply there to enjoy the show, you'll feel like an integral part of the experience.

Why Visit the Music Hall Tavern?

Visit the Music Hall Tavern for a night of guaranteed fun. It is ideal for those looking for an alternative to the usual evenings at the disco or in the bars. Perfect for groups of friends, couples and even families with teenagers, the MHT promises an evening full of laughter, surprises and, above all, a warm welcome.


The Music Hall Tavern is not just a cabaret or a restaurant, but a true cultural experience that reflects the lively and welcoming spirit of Tenerife. With its irresistible mix of comedy, music and theatre, the MHT is a must for anyone visiting the island and wanting to add a pinch of magic to their holiday. Don't miss the chance to take part in one of the most memorable and fun evenings that Tenerife has to offer!