Musical journey through the ages: an epic show celebrating the legends of music

At the Pirámide de Arona Auditorium, the show “History: The Evolution of Music” comes to life, bringing an epic celebration of the history of music to the stage. This extraordinary journey through time is made possible thanks to the extraordinary performance of 30 artists from 15 different countries, who come together to create a spectacular and unforgettable experience.

Let yourself be transported through the eras that have marked the soundtrack of our lives, from the Middle Ages to the present day, passing through the Renaissance, the 1920s, silent cinema, Soul, Gospel and Rock. Every moment in the history of music is represented with mastery and passion, paying homage to the greatest artists and composers in the world.

With a breathtaking audiovisual production and spectacular costumes, “History” offers an extraordinary representation of classic and contemporary choreography, performing live the most beautiful film and theater soundtracks. From the classical music of Mozart and Beethoven to pop legends like Michael Jackson and Elvis, through iconic groups like The Beatles, Queen, Abba and Pink Floyd, every genre and every era of music is celebrated in this exceptional show.

Not just a concert, but a multi-sensory experience that also involves dance, theater and acrobatics, “History” is suitable for all ages and nationalities, offering an unforgettable experience for all spectators. Whether you're a classical music enthusiast or a rock lover, you'll find something to thrill you on this extraordinary journey through music history.

Join us on this incredible journey through centuries of music, where every note and every movement tells the story of a universal art that has shaped our world. Discover the magic of music with “History: The Evolution of Music” at the Auditorio Pirámide de Arona.

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