Entertainment History: The Evolution of Music in Tenerife

Musical journey through the ages: an epic show celebrating the legends of music At the Pirámide de Arona Auditorium, the show “History: The Evolution of Music” comes to life, bringing an epic celebration of the history of music to the stage. This extraordinary journey through time is made possible thanks to the extraordinary performance of 30 artists from 15 countries […]

Cultural and Gastronomic Package in Tenerife

Discover the Cultural and Gastronomic Charm of Tenerife with Our Cultural and Gastronomic Package Tenerife is not only an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventurers, but is also a place rich in culture and culinary traditions just waiting to be discovered. Our Cultural and Gastronomic Package is designed […]

Show at the Medieval Castle in Tenerife

The Medieval Castle of Tenerife, located on the enchanting Canary Island, offers guests a unique experience, transporting them back in time to the heart of the Middle Ages. This show is a celebration of medieval history, culture and entertainment, offering an unforgettable evening of food, fighting and celebration. Here is a detailed description of the show, accompanied by three images […]

Scandal Dinner Show

Top 3 reasons to go and see this show: The Scandal Dinner Show in Tenerife is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines culinary excellence and high-quality entertainment in one, unforgettable evening event. This show stands out for its ability to blend together the charm of live performance […]