Discover Tenerife on a sailing boat

Avvistamento di Balene, Delfini e Snorkeling Tenerife, con il suo clima mite e le acque cristalline, è la destinazione perfetta per un’escursione in barca a vela. Questa esperienza unica ti permetterà di vedere balene e delfini nel loro habitat naturale e di fare snorkeling in alcuni dei luoghi più belli dell’isola. In questo blog, esploreremo […]

Explore Playa La Pinta in Tenerife

Situata nella soleggiata Costa Adeje, Playa La Pinta è una delle spiagge più popolari di Tenerife. Con la sua sabbia dorata, le acque calme e una vasta gamma di servizi, questa spiaggia è la meta ideale per famiglie, coppie e amanti del mare. In questo blog, esploreremo le meraviglie di Playa La Pinta, sottolineando la […]

Playa Abades in Tenerife

Features of Playa Abades Welcome to Playa Abades, one of the hidden gems of the southern coast of Tenerife. This enchanting beach, located along the tranquil resort of Abades, is renowned for its natural beauty and the crystal clear waters that surround it. Perfect for those looking for a quiet break from the chaos of the island's larger cities, […]

What to do in a week in Tenerife

A Week in Tenerife: Discover the Wonders of the Island Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is a fascinating destination that offers a wide range of activities for every type of traveller. From stunning beaches and vibrant cities to exciting hikes and natural wonders, Tenerife has something for everyone. Here's how to spend a week […]

Snorkeling in Tenerife

Discover marine biodiversity in Tenerife Snorkelling in the protected bays of Tenerife offers a unique experience to explore the crystal-clear, life-rich waters of the island in complete safety. Immersed in an enchanting natural environment, you will be able to discover the extraordinary marine biodiversity that characterizes the protected bays of Tenerife. The protected bays offer ideal conditions for […]

Kayak safari in Tenerife

The Safari Kayak Tour in Tenerife is one of the most compelling and authentic experiences that the island has to offer, an adventure that combines marine exploration with the discovery of the rich biodiversity and uncontaminated landscapes of this pearl of the Atlantic. This tour is not simply a water activity; it is a journey into the very essence of Tenerife, which allows you to experience […]

Jet ski excursion in Tenerife

The Ocean Jet Ski & Boat excursion in Tenerife is a unique adventure that combines the adrenaline of jet skiing with the relaxation and pleasure of a boat cruise, offering an incomparable way of exploring the marine wonders of the island. This experience, designed to satisfy both action lovers and those seeking quiet moments on […]