Trekking Towards Wellbeing

Tazirga Wellness Tours offers a unique experience for those who wish to explore Tenerife in an adventurous and relaxing way. Their Rutas Guiadas (guided excursions) combine the adventure of trekking with the well-being of body and mind, offering a unique opportunity to discover the natural treasures of the island while taking care of yourself.

Natural Exploration and Wellbeing

These guided excursions are not only for those wishing to discover the natural beauty of Tenerife, but also for those seeking to reconnect with themselves and the surrounding nature. The Rutas Guiadas offer a variety of routes that pass through breathtaking landscapes, from wild coast to majestic mountains, allowing hikers to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings.

Professional Guided Experience

The Tazirga Wellness Tours team is made up of experienced and passionate guides who know every corner of the island. With their in-depth knowledge of the local geography and flora and fauna, they will lead you through safe and fascinating routes, offering interesting tales of the island's history and culture along the way.

Focus on Wellbeing

What sets Tazirga Wellness Tours apart is the focus on well-being during excursions. In addition to discovering the spectacular views, the Rutas Guiadas include yoga and meditation practices in tranquil and picturesque locations, allowing hikers to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with themselves and their surroundings.

Varied choice of excursions

Tazirga Wellness Tours offers a wide range of guided excursions suitable for all levels of experience and physical condition. From peaceful coastal walks to challenging mountain hikes, there is something to suit all tastes and needs. Additionally, excursions can be customized to meet hikers' individual preferences and needs.

Comprehensive Tenerife Experience

With Tazirga Wellness Tours, you will not only explore the most beautiful places in Tenerife, but you will also have an integral experience that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Each Ruta Guiada is designed to offer a harmonious balance between adventure, relaxation and well-being, allowing you to return home with treasured memories and a feeling of total regeneration.

Pack your hiking boots and your adventurous spirit and join us for an unforgettable trip with Tazirga Wellness Tours!

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